Demystifying Composable Architecture

What is Composable Architecture and how can it unlock efficiency and agility in your organization?

Composable architecture is akin to Lego building: assembling reusable components and microservices to build custom web applications. For mission-driven organizations, this means quicker development of digital platforms and community tools, saving time and money to focus on your mission. 

While the exact term “composable architecture” dates back to 2013, its core ideas have been evolving and gaining traction over the last few years and becoming more valuable to nonprofit and government agencies. Essentially, it allows you to build and adapt your technology solutions faster and with less cost, freeing up valuable resources to focus on your core mission to maximize impact.

Watch the webinar led by Brian Graves, Forum One’s VP of Engineering, as he dives into the world of composable architecture.

What you’ll learn

  • What is composable architecture? Brian will break down the concept and understand how it revolutionizes application development.
  • Why is it relevant for the mission-driven sector? Drawing on work that Forum One has done with AARP, NYU, and the Smithsonian, Brian will describe some of the unique benefits of composable architecture, including:
    • Increased efficiency: Reduce development time and costs by creating applications with microservices and cloud-native technologies.
    • Enhanced agility: Adapt to changing needs and regulations with ease by easily swapping or modifying components and services.
    • Improved User Experience: Leverage best-in-class technologies to deliver consistent, performant, high-end experiences.
    • Improved scalability: Scale your applications easily to meet growing demands.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is especially valuable for:

  • Digital leaders in the civic and social sectors
  • Government and nonprofit comms teams who are looking to expand how they present and build content
  • Designers and developers who are looking to craft richer digital experiences. 

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and inspiration from a leading thought leader in the composable architecture space!

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